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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Am I Thinking?!?

I purchased a crochet pattern book last week and thought why not try one of those today. I mean I was going to start the next triangle scarf but wasn't concentrating and finally gave up, ripped it out and will try tomorrow. And I purchased everything for a knit project for me but am not motivated to start it yet. So I thought it would be nice to make a washcloth in a new pattern. Probably won't take long, right? Easy, right? Well these are all new patterns and while I have seen others with things like "crossed" stitches, I have never done one. But darn it, I wanted to try. So I've got one about half done. I imagine this would be nice (and definitely easier to do!) for an afghan with (STOP SHUDDERING!) acrylic yarn. Make a bunch of squares and since it's all done in crochet, crochet them together with a corresponding color. No, borders don't always need to be black or white! But for now I am making a washcloth. Perhaps one day I will start making a few of these with acrylic and put them in a pile to join into an afghan one day. If they aren't all the same size I could easily do that by adding border rows so they are all the same size and while it might look funky, I think it would be neat.

But geez, what am I thinking?!? How many little projects am I going to work on this weekend? Wait... I know the answer. As many as I need to keep the boredom away. BTW, the funky scarf for me doesn't have enough yarn nor does the scarflet I started and I forgot to buy more yarn for the scarflet today so it's back to Joann's tomorrow. This is why I'm starting other things.

Yeah, I know... it'd be nice if that lie was convincing. Especially to me. hehe


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