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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Now I Can Show You These

I couldn't post anything in here when I was making a bunch of gifts for Matt but now that he's here, I can show you a couple of things. Granted, it's hard to see the patterns but...

The afghan underneath Matt was done with two strands of blue baby yarn. It's one big rectangle done in stockinette with 4 rows of garter at the top and bottom with four garter stitches on either side (so it's framed). The one on top of my darling grandson (only 15 days until I get to see him, hold him and kiss him!!) is a pattern of big blocks. It was made with one strand each of light blue and light yellow. Came out different than I thought but it's cute anyway. Actually, it doesn't matter WHAT he's wearing... because he's so cute he makes everything look good!