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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Naughty Habits

I am wondering if anyone else has a habit (or habits) when knitting (or concerning knitting or crocheting) that embarasses them. OK, maybe it isn't a naughty habit but it is that whole "naughty or nice" time of year.

I will admit that I have a habit that is absolutely terrible and cannot seem to break. Whenever I am alone and knitting if I have point protectors on my needles when I take them off I put them in the front of my bra. I know I'll never lose them them or accidentally knock them off the side table or, as I have done before, they'll roll off my leg inbetween the cushions of my chair and then I have to move heavy furniture to find them. So I started putting them there. If I am knitting in a room with other people occupying the space, I would never DREAM of doing something so embarassing. I have tried breaking the habit but the first time I knock one off of the side table I go right back to it.

Wouldn't you consider this a bad habit? I do!

So, share, fellow knitters (and crocheters)... do YOU have any bad habit related to your craft? I dare YOU to post to your blog about it. :P

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Recently Knitting...

OK I am going to post two pictures but you probably won't be able to figure either one out. The picture of the blackish-grey wrist warmers I finished for Mom is fuzzy. I am going to wrap them tonight and mail them tomorrow. I wasn't going to give them to her until her birthday but it's been really cold there, they were done early and why not. Here's the picture:

The next picture is of a skull and crossbones washcloth I finished for a private swap with a gal at and I am hoping she doesn't peek at my blog so it'll be a surprise. Again, hard to see because I don't have a big white surface to take pictures on anymore and because with these kinds of washcloths with pictures in them you need to angle the shot. But still, I thought I'd try. I bought a big ball of green Lion cotton at Joann's with my 50% coupon which brought it to about the regular price of a ball of Supersize Sugar and Cream except that there is more yarn in the Lion. Hence the usual $4.99 price for a ball versus the $2.49 of Sugar and Cream. Anyway, I had ordered from Joann's website and have a lot of nice solid colors I can't get in the store but didn't purchase any green because I don't care for the color. I am busy trying to decide what to take with me to knit while I am at Ally's and I want to bring some of the new colors. I am amazed at the stash of washcloths I have due to experimenting with new patterns. Anyway, I may try making something bigger like a placemat to put under my coffeepot or toaster. That might have to be crochet. But here's the picture of the recent work: