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I'm Crafty. I Rant. These are Crafty Rantings!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Missing Penguin

Yes, I've been missing from blogging. Not just here but my regular Ramblings of a Mutant Penguin blog. Now that pictures are off the camera and most of the organizing is done in the house I can blog!
I haven't really had a lot of time to do much. The hat on the right was started quite some time ago but I finally had to finish it because I needed to make the one on the left. A friend asked if I would make one for her elderly mother who is coming to visit so I had to finish the other one first. I have made a couple of the Grandmother's Favorite washcloths for soldier and I am almost finished another for a swap but really, honest, I have been too tired to do much. Now that most everything is done perhaps I can get back on schedule and make more washcloths. I want to make one just for Mom for Mother's Day (or maybe I will just turn it into a towel and then make her a smaller washcloth to match - guess that means digging into the stash and patterns). I don't have much time for that so as soon as I finish the one for the swap (easily done today) then I can start the one for Mom.
I keep a bag by my chair in the livingroom and always have a Grandmother's Favorite in the tan for the Socks for Soldier's program going. I try to do a row or two in the morning and then at night. Basically I am making myself knit at least a bit while I sit there enjoying my chair and great tv.
I may not have been doing a lot of crafting because I have been so busy getting settled but mostly I am settled now. Go to my Ramblings blog to see some pictures of how things progressed, especially the Yarn Room which was finished yesterday.
Hopefully I can knit or crochet more and blog. So now it's time to go finish that washcloth and start hunting for a pattern for Mom's Mother's Day present. I am very happy I will be able to be there for it again this year!
I'm crafty and I rant. And these are my Crafty Rantings.