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Friday, August 11, 2006

Quick Note

OK, I still need to post up the picture of Brooke's bowl and I hope to do that this weekend. I need to go to the yarn store tomorrow because I had forgotten I really wanted to make the next set of felted bowls with 2 strands of Cascade and only realized it after I felted a bowl I made with just 1 strand. It's a little sturdier than the ones done with 2 strands of fingering weight but not as sturdy as I want. So tomorrow I go buy another of the brown and another of the green. That's ok... I can make more bowls to give away with what's left. One lady asked for a LARGE bowl but since I don't know that pattern by heart, I think she may have to settle for small. The one I just did with 1 strand will go into the "gift giving" pile.

I have been working on something in myhead that I want to post. Hopefully I will get to that this weekend. It has warmed up significantly again so it's hard to knit for any length of time. I started a new project on Sunday which I haven't worked on in 2 days because of the heat. I will get to it, though. And I haven't worked on the scarf this week because it's been warm and for some unknown reason I have basically run out of time most nights by the time I get done with regular chores and trying to catch up on non-knitting things.

I'm beginning to think I need another knitter's weekend away. :)

If anyone has suggestions for quick, simple projects, please let me know. I ordered a pattern from KnitPicks for some washcloths thinking those will be fast projects. Now just need to decide on what to use. I have a little bit of green/white cotton that I have used in the past and some chenille which I have also used in the past but considering they don't stretch, I have to be careful making anything with that... especially the chenille. That's a lot harder to work with that I had hoped.

I need to find a project that I can do on size 11 straight needles... help me out friends! I want, desperately, to use my penguin needles and be able to take a picture of a project ON the needles to post here.

A special hello here to Kaylee who has become more than a secret pal... she's a great friend. I really made out well with SP8! Just wish she could attend one of our KC or CHAMPS sessions. I think y'all would like her. Whaddya say Linda, Roni, Julie and Marsha... can we add her in spirit?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Felting For Brooke

At KC today Brooke gave me the yarn she has spun and I have already started making a small felted bowl for her with it. I will work on it tonight and tomorrow because she's coming to get it Wednesday. They don't take that long. Besides, when I'm done I can go back to the alpaca scarf and start another new project (I purchased the yarn today). I also have a felted bowl to do for someone that I promised to do but Brooke comes first! I am going to take a picture of it before felting and post it here and then Brooke is going to felt it and I asked her to take a picture when it's done so we can see the difference. I know everyone likes their felted things differently (I like to be able to still see some of the stitches) so that's why I figure if I knit and she felts, we'll both be happy. :)