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Friday, November 17, 2006

What A Difference 10 Months Make

It was almost 10 months ago when I took Brooke up on her invitation to come to a Sunday afternoon knitting session at a LYS. I think it was that day we became the KC. And for all those wonderful women, and everyone else I know, I wanted to do a little summary because when I started doing this mentally last night (while casting on another Christmas present), it occurred to me that a lot has changed in just about 10 months.

Biggest and most important, no question about it, is that I am going to be a Grammy Penguin probably late next month. Matthew Edward Holloway-Purvis will hopefully make his appearance either early enough before his parents' second anniversary that they can at least be together or right afterwards.

As for other things, well, non-crafty is that my health has not been great and I can't seem to find the motivation to do anything about it. Maybe after I hold Matt I will have some inspiration.

But here are the crafty changes in my life. Remember that mostly before February all I did was crochet. I made baby blankets and lots and lots of doilies. I was well known for one particular kind of doily and those who received one as a present knew they were special. I always called it the wingy doily. It's done in one piece and then on opposite sides I added what I referred to as wings but were just part of the design for a large doily.

Then Brooke invited me to knit. I knew the women involved and looked forward to getting to know them better. And I met Roni, too! What a gem! She's smart and funny and friendly and can that lady felt a purse!! My how she inspired me! All the members of the KC have been so inspiring. They have pushed me to be more than I thought I could be. I worried that I would be doing just simple little things while they did their sweaters and socks and left me behind in the dust. Well, I found that it doesn't matter WHAT we knit, it's that we do it and, just as importantly, who we share it with either as a recipient of the item or just someone to sit, knit, chat and snack with. I cannot adequately state in words what these ladies mean to me and how they have improved my life.

And here are some of the things I have learned in less than 10 months.

1. I learned to felt. Bless you Roni for your patience and explanations!
2. I learned how to pick up stitches on the side of a project.
3. I re-learned 3 needle bind-off (yes, I *did* know but when you haven't used it in
more than half a lifetime, it's no wonder I couldn't remember... heck, I didn't even KNOW
that that kind of bind-off had a name!).

Here are the new things I have knitted in less than 10 months:

1. Glitter Purse
2. Booga Bag
3. Felted Mary Jane Slippers
4. Open weave scarf
5. About 6 different designs of washcloths
6. Half a road kill (Devvy reminded me of that this morning!)
8. A cotton dishtowel (small and decorative mostly but beautiful!)
9. New baby afghan designs
10. Baby booties
11. Pebble Rib Slipper Socks

That's a little over one new thing a month. Not bad for an old penguin, eh? :)

And I have tried new materials. Here are some things I had never worked with before but now am no longer afraid of using:

1. 100% wool - fingering weight, worsted, sport and bulky
2. Fun fur
3. Alpaca

I have some cashmere that Kaylee sent me that is waiting for a very special project. When I find the right pattern, it's getting used. And for ME.

10 months have brought many changes in my life. If the next 10 are as eventful, as filled with love and joy and friendship and newness, how can I not look forward to the future with impatience for all the wonderful things is it sure to hold for me!

For my friends, old, new and yet to be discovered; For my family and the new members yet to come; For my co-workers who are always anxious to see what new item I am working on; For me. These are the reasons I do what I do. Not just my knitting. Not just my job. Everything.

I am blessed. There is truth in the phrase, "What a difference a day makes." Believe. I do.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It's officially that time of year when we who craft are allowed to have secrets. We don't talk to people about what we're working on, even when asked. Doesn't matter if it's a friend, someone we work with or, even (forgive me) other members of my KC. I will make one admission, however, that the KC won't believe but...

I am *not* making them presents for Christmas. I am too tied up trying to make something for family and a few special friends who *do not* knit - oh please... we ALL have friends who don't knit, crochet or otherwise craft and that does NOT make them ineligible to be our friends! For me it's an opportunity to share what I do with someone who appreciates it as much as someone who DOES craft. The KC is probably going to get something silly like an IOU or something that can be done later. I actually have an idea in mind but can't share that here... they read this blog! :)

I have 5 presents which must be done very soon. OK, make that 3... those have to be shipped. The other 2 will be delivered by hand locally so hopefully I can breathe a little easier about getting those done... I already have 1.5 presents done. Please, don't ask about the half a present. Please. :)

So I am hoarding secrets and will take pictures and post AFTER the holidays (and before I go see my daughter, son-in-law and new grandson after he's born - I go in January when I know he will be here).

You keep your secrets. I keep mine. We can share in January. :)