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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finished This Weekend

This weekend I wanted to finish up a few little things. I will finish the latest washcloth hopefully tonight. It's a pattern I have done before and really liked. It's called Moss Diamonds. I will post a picture another time.

Right now I want to show you two different washcloths I made. The blue one is knit and is a very simple pattern. The violet variegated was done with crochet. I love the color! I have one more ball in my stash so yesterday when I was at WalMart buying a cone of white (great for edgings but I ran out ages ago!) I saw they had this color so I bought another ball. Here they are:

Next weekend I am going to the February quarterly conference for Legal Secretaries, Inc. which will be held in Concord, CA. I am going with my friends Susan, Julie, Sara and Kathy and our friend Alma will meet us there. Should be a good time. Anyway... I wanted to make myself something to wear that was quick but cute. I knew somewhere in the closet I had a bag with a ball of pink Divine yarn and a ball of pretty Fizz which I had purchased to make myself a scarf. I figured 10 stitches, garter stitch on size 35 needles just like other pretty frizzy scarves I have made (Vicky got one for Christmas and I've made one for myself before - there are pictures in my archives somewhere) and I could whip it up very quickly and have a nice scarf to take with me. I found it, got it mostly done and then put it aside for a couple of days to work on the blue cloth above. So today I finished the edging on the violet cloth, did a few more rows and then a bind off for the scarf and so two small projects done! Here's the scarf: