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Monday, June 29, 2009

Yeah, I Know

I know... no pictures yet. I haven't taken them out of the camera. Probably because I finally finished the 3 scarves for Susan's granddaughters and I want to take pictures of those to post. I just couldn't bring myself to blog over the weekend. I have Friday off so maybe by then I can post pictures and do an update. And maybe by then if I discipline myself I won't start anything new and can finish Susan's birthday triangle accent scarf and post a picture of that, too. I need to set some goals for myself. Here's what I MUST work on and finish:

1. Susan's triangle accent scarf for her birthday on the 20th of next month
2. The last few rows of the capelet
3. Seriously work on the cap I'm doing as an experiment for the grandchildren.

I also have a washcloth started to send to my mom for her charity thing next month so I'd like to finish that and another and get those off in the mail to her next week. I got a little burned out after making 5 of them in a row so not working on them for a week helps. And I did manage to finish one project this weekend which is good.

I think the key to getting things done is to set an agenda and STICK WITH IT!


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