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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swap Stuff

I am almost done my swap stuff. I sent out the last of the dishcloth swaps from Swap-bot and will post the pictures of the two dishcloths here. I am only signed up for one non-knitting swap and one knitting. The non-knitting needs to be done soon so I will have to figure out what I am doing. That might require a trip to Joann's later today. As for the knitting swap, that's my scarf exchange on Ravelry. The package has to be sent by August 1st but I will do it in the next few weeks. The only thing holding me up is knowing what goodies to put the in package to her. I have the knitted items done. No... no discussion or pictures because she might snoop here. I don't know.

I won't say I am losing my enthusiasm for swapping or knitting or crochet. I would like to try something larger, I think. I have two washcloths on the needles to finish and inbetween I am going to crochet some. In one of my Yahoo groups someone is willing to send them to soldiers. The Socks for Soldiers program prefers I do hats so I will send the one hat and 4 washcloths I have done to them and then I think I am going to go back to lurking at all the Yahoo groups, including SFS. I had signed up for a mini challenge but think I need to back out of that because I just seem to be lacking ambition. I want to work on mom's shawl and finish that. Between that, the 2 washcloths for me and making up a couple to send off for the soldiers, I think I am done swapping for a little while unless something good comes along. I am tired of the dishcloth swapping and nothing else appeals to me. I don't make homemade notecards or anything scrap-paper related, don't sew or anything else much anymore so I am going to wait a while to do any swapping unless something truly appeals to me (like the scarf exchange did!).

Here is what went out (with extra goodies) for the #6 Dishcloth Swap at swap-bot:

The one on the leftis crochet and the one on the right is knit. It's actually the alternate "feather and fan" pattern which just removes the ridge. I kinda like it.
I will try to post more often but don't promise anything. Can't post up the pictures of what I made for the Ravelry Scarf Exchange until after the package arrives at its destination. But let me see if I can finish something else so I can post *something*.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Pictures

I finished several projects over the long weekend but some of them can't be talked about yet. I will try to take pictures and post one that I know I can post without spoiling anything.

I've been knitting and crocheting... just not in the mood to blog. But I *am* around!