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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Top Ten

The top ten reasons I craft, in no particular order:

1. It helps keep the fingers and hands and wrists and arms moving which helps stave off arthritis. And even if it doesn't really, it makes me THINK it does and that's enough.

2. I love the look on someone's face when they open a handmade present.

3. I love how it makes me feel to share something I can do with someone who appreciates the time and effort.

4. I don't have to worry about pesky things like extra cash.

5. I have several baskets filled with soft yarn in case I stumble in my old age (or over a bag containing a knitting project that's unfinished) making a safe place for me to land.

6. I enjoy experimenting with new patterns only to the extent that when I look at the pattern, if it isn't too hard, I try it and if it's too hard, I can abandon it and nobody knows I can only knit, purl, cast on, bind off and do a yarn over. Oh wait, I can felt, too. THANK YOU RONI!

7. I get to spend a minimum of two Sundays a month with women I love and am lucky enough to call friends. They are my support, my solid foundation and another soft, safe place for me to land when I need to crash.

8. I can make some pretty things! That last!

9. It gladdens my heart to know that there are babies who are sleeping under afghans I have made. And siblings who did that, too.

10. I finally have a reason to stop buying kitchen gadgets. Now I can buy needles, yarn, row counters, stitch markers and just about anything that strikes my fancy because "I'm sure I've got some project I could use this for"-itis.

Sometimes, though, I think I enjoy crafting (whether it's knitting, crochet, fabric paint and in the past even cross stitch and, I dare say writing poetry is a craft, too) is because I can pour my talent, love, care, intelligence and a bit of my mutantness into every project.

God blessed me with some talent, some brains and has given me the opportunity to share both. I'm a compassionate probate paralegal who crafts. Life doesn't get any better, does it?