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Monday, December 01, 2008

Where Is That Pattern?!?

A friend asked me for a pattern and so, of course, I started looking. Never could find it. No idea what happened to it in the move. But luckily I found it again on the net. It was for the ribbed wrist warmers. I've made a set for me and one for Mom and was planning to make her another set. At least now even though I can't find the yarn I bought in New Hampshire to make them, I *do* have the pattern.

I've been knitting the same washcloth pattern over and over so I am trying something else now, something that looks easy but I can do it in solid color. I've been using self striping yarn and while it's pretty, there are only so many patterns you can use. And I am tired of being stuck in a rut.

No pictures, I know. Just wanted to post and say I am knitting and still trying to find things. I may be that way until I die at this rate. hehehe