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Friday, January 18, 2008

Last Weekend

Well I did so much last weekend that I think I was too burned out to do much crafty related this week but probably starting this afternoon I will be back in the groove. Here's a list of what I did (and I'll post pictures):

1. I finished #4 of the 12 commisioned washcloths.
2. Cast on #5.
3. Finished my raspberry shawl.
4. Crocheted 16 flowers for the shawl. Sewed them on by hand.
5. Crocheted 2 washcloths for a swap in a multi-brown color.
6. Crocheted 2 washcloths for a swap in a multi-color of spring kinda colors. Thanks to Jo for pointing out they really DO look like Easter egg colors!
7. Cast on a lilac colored shawl for my mom.

No wonder I got tired! And, of course, the 2 washcloths for me I still have on the needles are still there. One of them I worked on for about 4 rows the morning I left for Ally's before Christmas (December 21st) and haven't touched since. The other one I haven't touched since November. Surprised I still know where it is! But I am not ripping either out as they are really cute. Once I finish the swap related washcloths and the commissioned ones I maybe can get back to them.

This weekend I plan to work on mom's shawl, #5 of the washcloths (at least for a bit) and I have one more crochet spring color washcloth to finish. I signed up for 5 washcloth swaps and the first is done but I want to have them done ahead of time. Each swap happens in a different month so I have time but if I have the swap ones done then I can concentrate on the shawl and commissioned ones and maybe even get a few rows done on mh own washcloths!

I wanted to show a picture of the shawl before I put the flowers on but to get a proper look, I had my big stuffed gorilla model it. Here it is and then a picture of me in it with the flowers on. You can't see but most of the flowers are out of the picture.

I love this shawl... it is war and cute and while I may eventually want to make more flowers for it, for the moment it is great. It's just simple garter stitch which means you can knit it anywhere, anytime but it sure did take a while to make! I need to work on my mom's. I wanted it for her birthday but that won't happen (February 2) because I have other projects to work on. But she might be able to get it to still enjoy it this winter. Who knows.

I don't know if you can see the brownish one on the right very well but these are two of the washcloths I've made for the swaps.
Happy Crafting everyone! And just overall, happy weekend!