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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pebble Rib Slipper Socks

I don't know how much detail you can see but these are the Pebble Rib Slipper Socks. In my previous post I posted a picture of the "stash buster" scarf I made in this pattern. It's reversible which is cool. I have made so many of these! But they are easy and cute and fun. I like my pink ones but to be honest, the blue ones are my favorite followed by the purple, denim and I am going to be making another pair. If I dedicate myself and finish them, I would like to give them to my son while I am visiting. But the truth is they'll probably be for his birthday in April as I intend to hold Matt while I'm there, not knitting needles. :)

I will post pictures of my visit here and at my regular "Ramblings of a Mutant Penguin" blog. Maybe not while I'm gone but hopefully when I get back.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Good Friends, Bamboo Needles, Soft Wool and Laughter

What more could a Mutant Penguin want than to spend time among her friends, knitting, talking, laughing, sharing? No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than with those I love doing what I love. These women are the family I need, the caring and help that gets me through some really tough times. Brooke, Julie, Roni, Heather, Linda, Irene, Devvy - the KC. We were able to meet at the new shop which is HUGE and beautiful and WONDERFUL! It is inviting and warm and a great place to just be. And access to all that wonderful yarn! And needles! And patterns! Oh my!

I can share some secrets now. We did our gift exchange so I can tell about some of the things I have secretly been working on. Brooke turned me on to the pebble rib stitch slipper socks. It's a cool reversible pattern! For Christmas I made 7 pairs of slipper socks. The men who received them (my brother and son-in-law) had theirs bound off in the "wrong" direction so they have a totally different look than the ladies. I gave pairs to my mom, my daughter, my dear friend Kaylee, my SP9 spoilee (we're at a close so I can tell you - her name is Michelle!) and my dear friend and "sister" Susan. I made a pair for me, too! And a pair to give at our exchange today.

I liked the pattern and got to wondering how it would work up as a scarf. So I call this my "Stash Buster Pebble Rib Stitch Scarf". Don't know if you'll be able to see the stitch but it's majorly cool. So the picture to the left shows you a long shot of it. Depending on how much yarn I had left decided how big the section. Blogger won't let me upload another picture so this will have to do. Maybe later I can post up sections to show. But knowing Blogger, we're done for the day. :)

I will be leaving on Wednesday to go see Matt and his mom and dad. I will also see my son while I'm there which is cool! I haven't seen Ally, Sean or Andy since December 2004. I will post up more pictures and such on Monday the 22nd when I get back. In the meantime I will try to do one more post before I go. And since I joined two small swaps, I need to finish up my items for them, too, hopefully before I go or while I'm gone.

The KC is going to be getting together on a regular basis again. How wonderful! More soft wool, bamboo needles, good friends, laughter and love among the dropped stitches, k1p2 ribbings and this is definitely a good thing.