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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Y'all are wondering... "What is she working on?" Right? I can't really tell you. Remember those secrets from Christmas? Well I am making one of those to hopefully finish (if I get my butt in gear) for our holiday swap when the KC gets together on the 14th. So until then, unless I can't motivate myself to finish the project, y'all will just have to wait for a picture.

Besides, I'm too happy settling in as Grammy Penguin. Sure, I won't get to hold him or kiss him until January 17th but it doesn't stop me for wanting to be there and wanting to look at pictures. Actually, here's a picture I stole off my daughter Ally's web-site ( and I would link it on the side if my fingers weren't so cold. Once my DSL is working properly (which better be tomorrow!) then I will go into the editor and add her link. In the meantime follow the one above to read up on what's with them and if you don't care, well I care. Here's the picture from there that I absolutely adore:

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Matt's Here!!!


He was born approximately 2pm PST, weighed in at 8 pounds 3.5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

Picture when available.

Note on Christmas day: A change - Matt is going to be Purvis and Edward is gone as a middle name. Hopefully I can post a picture in here.

Thanks SP!!

As I said, I dislike that I can't take close-up pictures. The one on the left is too blurry to see but I wanted to try. They are penguin stitch markers with the most adorable faces! The middle picture is better. At the top are two cute tealight candleholders. Below are Jelly Belly jellybeans (yum!), some beautiful recipe cards, a really great smelling cranberry candle and some hot cocoa hand lotion! The picture to the right is the yarn my great Secret Pal sent me for a project and she sent instructions! It's a penguin! After what happened with the Roadkill, I may be asking the KC for help.

I can't believe how wonderful this entire package was and how well put together! There was also a penguin soap but that is in the bathroom already so no picture. :) There was also a very nice handwritten note which I appreciate!

Thank you Secret Pal! You're wonderful! I will have to start the penguin once I finish what I'm making for our January exchange at the KC meeting. Hope I'm up to the challenge!

From Kaylee

The only thing about my camera I truly dislike is I can't take close-up pictures very well. I don't know if you can see all of the wonderful things Kaylee sent me or not but I'll tell you what was in this wonderful package. On the left side, in front, is some gorgeous self striping sock yarn. Behind that is some great pink cascade and some really soft blue yarn (Lush, I believe). She sent me here learning socks DVD to borrow which is awesome! I am going to try socks in 2007. Once I figure out which kind of needles and purchase them. :) There were raspberry chocolate squares from Ghriadelli, penguin magnetic page markets, an absolutely wonderful little glass penguin with a face that is fabulous! And there were two cute little sock keyrings. From what I gather, I make mini socks and block them on these. Very, very cute!

Kaylee, you are such a good friend! I got really lucky when we were paired up for SP8!

Merry Christmas!