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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures with Words

Yes I have actually been crafting. Not a lot but a little. The hot weather keeps me tired together with working on the house. I have two more major organizational projects but one (the attic) will have to wait until winter and until I can get friends over here to help. Not something I can do alone. But anyway I've been making a few washcloths anyway. Yes, I do occasionally make something else. Remember the "hot hat" pattern? And I need to get started on holiday gifts which means maybe making a few scarves and hats. I have been crocheting a lot lately since it's faster but maybe for holiday gifts I can do some knit as well as some crochet.

The washcloth on the left is a really cute and easy pattern in crochet. I modified it slightly because I wanted the ends to be a bit different. I like the color pattern, too, but am now almost completely out of that HUGE ball of yarn. Time to start using another of the big ones.

The washcloth on the right is the pattern I am making for all my co-workers for their birthday. Favorite color for each. This is Vicky's for her birthday which is next week. She never specified a color (only one who didn't!) but she looks good in that color or purple and I'd already done 2 purple. I'll know tomorrow if she likes it because we're having a birthday luncheon for her early. She's on vacation the week of her birthday.

I had hoped to get back to felting but I think if I'm going to do anything beyond the simple things it will have to wait for winter.

Sadly I almost didn't do this post. After years of doing this blog I think I am getting tired. But I do it more as a journal of what I've worked on so *I* will remember as to post for others to read. So one post at a time, I guess.

That's me... on hooks and needles!