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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lots Happening

I have a lot of pictures in my camera which I need to download and post. For the moment, however, let me say I have been one busy crafting lady.

I've made 2 and am on the 3rd washcloth to give to Ally to gift to someone. I love my daughter more than you could imagine but the gal has NO crafting ability when it comes to handicrafts. She can do other things but no knitting or crochet.

I made 2 doilies for swaps and decided maybe I'd get back into that. I finished up a couple of washcloths, too. I am on the last round of a pink doily for me. I am thinking it is time to make a few doilies to put in my gifting stash, too. And maybe I'll do up one or two to take back East with me on vacation.

Monday is my friend Vicky's birthday. I will post pictures of what I made her for her birthday when I get them out of my camera. I imagine posting pictures will take a couple of posts, minimum.

So my little fingers have been busy and I am enjoying doing doilies as a break from the washcloths. I need to work on the baby afghan and who knows, when the weather gets cooler maybe I'll be motivated.

I want to try something interesting - I want to make a pair of wrist warmers for myself with beads in the pattern. I have never done that but it's just a matter of paying attention. I'll have to talk to Brooke about that because she's done it and get some advice on what kind of beads to use. In the meantime I am going to make a pair of wrist warmers for mom because they aren't that difficult and I want to have something to take her when I go visit.

More later. I'm off to Sacramento!