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Friday, November 07, 2008

Miss Me?

Anybody miss me? Yes, I have been busy moving but I am trying to alleviate the ever-growing stress by knitting. No pictures yet of the afghan but I have started it and am trying to keep at it.

I decided to learn a few new techniques. I think I already posted about that. Anyway, here's a picture of the first one I did where I learned how to do a right twist. To the left is the bigger picture and the close-up is on the right so you can hopefully see it.

So since I figured the right twist had been fairly easy to learn, I attempted the left. And what better way than a pattern that had left AND right twists. Now you might now be able to tell from the pictures but both the above cloth and this one are truly beautiful in person. Take a look at this one...

I have a couple other washcloths I have made (a pink "K" for my hairdresser Kristen and a light blue diagonal squares) but enough pictures. Let me finish something bigger so I don't have to change the title of this from "Crafty Rantings" to "Washcloth Queen Rantings".

I have learned so many new techniques this past year just by doing a lot of washcloths. When I am finally moved and living in a place with central heat and air, maybe I will have the time, patience and environment to make bigger items. I do have a couple things I am itching to make. The afghan has to be first. I want to give it for Christmas. Guess I better get busy and knit, knit, knit while I watch a movie tonight. I need to finish at least one more cloth for a swap (I'll give one from the stash as part of the required two) and I have it started. It's a cute pattern and very simple and if it's fast, too, then I may abandon the plan to give from the stash and make one in the same pattern in a solid color (using self-striping for the current one) to send so she sees the pattern better. We'll see how ambitious I am. I still have lots of packing and moving to do. Furniture goes in 2 weeks whether I'm ready or not.

Anyone want to help? You can come and be amazed at my stash! hehehe