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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Busy Weekend

Busy weekend so far! And I'm not posting pictures of everything I've been working on, just what's done. To the left is another felted bookmark. This was made with two different weight wools so it's not as even as I'd like but it's still cute.
The big thing I've been working on since last Sunday (and had to rip out earlier this week, to my chagrin) is...
A felted hat! Above is a picture of what it looked like before felting. You can't tell from the picture but it was HUGE. I can just imagine what my friend Linda's looked like... she knits so much more loosely than I do! Anyway, it was truly HUGE and it took me over a half hour of continually checking to get it to felt to size. What I did was put it on my head and try it to see how I liked the fit. The last time I tried it the hat fit but it was still a bit too large for my liking. So back in the washer for another 4 minutes. What came out went onto my head for shaping and is now resting on the floor in the sunlight to attempt to dry. It looks like this...
Easy pattern and I like how it looks on me. Now I just need to finish that purse to go with it in the light pink. This raspberry color is so much nicer in real life... It was done with Cascade.
We now return to our regularly scheduled crafting. :)