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Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Latest

I made a scarf for someone at in the feather and fan pattern. I put long fringe on it. I really like how it turned out! Then I worked all the long weekend and finished 2 of the 3 washcloths I made to trade with my housekeeper for cleaning. 3 = 1 hour of cleaning. I used variegated yellow/white and if you look, you'll see how differently each one pooled. Rather nice. They are the same pattern and colors but each is different from the other.
And finally, look what finally got started...

What, you wonder is that?!? Well, I've been going on and on about wanting to make wristwarmers for my mother. Just like the ones I made in pink for myself, these are nothing more than rectangles done in ribbing that are sewn up the side with a space for the thumb. I had forgotten how tedious it is to do k2p2 ribbing but I'll keep at it. I need to make 2. I will probably work on these during the weekend. I need to dig out the NH washcloth pattern because I am dying to do that. Since I had the yellow variegated out and that doesn't work for patterns, instead I picked something different and cast that on.

In the meantime I am making a pink doily for mom, too. The current yellow variegated washcloth will probably be for my mom's best friend, a fellow knitter. So right now here's the list of projects which must be completed before October 4th:

  1. A hat for my great-nephew Andrew (my brother's grandson)
  2. Mom's wristwarmers
  3. Ceil's yellow variegated washcloth
  4. If I can manage, a couple washcloths for Andrew
  5. And the big "if I can manage" is a hat for my brother

Lots to accomplish. Oh and I forgot the doily on the list! Guess I better make sure every night and weekend I am busy, busy, busy with crafty things.

I love a challenge. hehehe