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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Knitting & Visiting

Yes, I've been to see Ally, Sean and Matt. I also did some knitting. Besides being involved in all these KALs (knit alongs), I found time to make something else. Although I am wondering if I ever will again! We'll see! Anyway, here's what I knit while away. This is for my friend Merry because she is kind enough to take the mail to the post office on the Mondays I am gone (it's my day).

I have knit a few other things. It is probably hard to see the patterns on these washcloths but hopefully you can. I like the one I did in the robin's egg blue that is called "The dragonfly and his dinner". The little bumps are mosquitos. Here's what that one looked like. Again, hope you can see it.

And of course, what posting would be complete without a picture of Matt?