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Monday, November 12, 2007

A Discouraging Word

Yeah, "Home on the Range" is going through my head and YES, it's seldom but I am hearing that discouraging word. I have too many projects started and do not feel like working on any of them. I am discouraged. Here's what I have on the needles:

2 scarves
2 dishcloths
1 baby hat I was supposed to be knitting in July as a test pattern
2 shawls, 1 of which I ripped out and restarted today and the other will be ripped out soon. I am giving up if this pattern doesn't work.

Then hanging about in bags that I shoved into a corner are:

1 scarf
sock yarn with needles, nothing cast on but weighing on my mind anyway

Oh, and did I mention I have the yarn to make Amy's hat? Well, I do. But no ambition.

The scarf in the bag in the corner isn't very far along (maybe 8 inches) and I am thinking when I finish the garter stitch scarf I am making on the size 35 needles, I can rip that one out and use the needles and that yarn to make yet another different larger scarf.

I have no discipline lately. I need to make a schedule. From 6pm to 7pm every night I am home, I need to commit to doing nothing but knitting even if it's just on one of the simple projects. I can work on a garter stitch scarf while I watch the tv program I taped the night before. So I will try that. Tomorrow night will be hard because I will probably just be trying to figure out dinner after my doctor's appointment but I will try. I only have one meeting this week.

6 to 7PM. Perhaps then the discouraging word I hear being whispered into my ear will disappear.

Yes, it's me doing the whispering.

I had the inspiration to start the projects, now I just need to follow through. Change the word from "unfinished" to "finished!"

Right? :)