Crafty Rantings

I'm Crafty. I Rant. These are Crafty Rantings!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


OK, this is a picture of a Booga Bag which is my current project. The difference is, however, mine is one color, a raspberry, with pink fizz. Well, except that I ran out of yarn on row 47 of 64 rows so the top of the bag is just the plain raspberry. Now I have asked my wonderful knitting friends from CHAMPS, Roni, Brooke, Linda and Julie to help me figure out what an I-Cord is and how to make it and to felt it and put it together. If I can do this, then I should have an easier time with the next pattern. And yes, I already have the yarn for that. I've got a couple of other little projects I want to work on, including a pink fun fur scarf for myself (and it'll be skinny, either 13 or 15 stitches... haven't decided yet) and I want to have that done for the Legal Secretaries annual conference. If I can't get to it before then, I'll knit on the way down and there and hopefully have it ready for dinner Saturday night (if I can decide what to wear!). Anyway... currently I am interesting in finishing my first felted bag. Who knows... last year lots of people got fleece tie blankets. If I could buy the yarn in bulk at a reasonable price, I'd make a couple of Christmas presents this year. But at $60 a purse, I'm cutting in other areas to splurge and make two for me. But at least I'll be "in the pink" when I'm done!

Friday, April 21, 2006


I now have enough yarn and projects to last me a while. And it will have to because I need to start living on a budget again. Of course with the price of gas, all I can do is stay home and knit. Guess it comes down to which is more expensive... my knitting or driving. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

For Linda!

Yo! LB! TMPH here! You know that felted purse we're working on?! Yeah, *that* one! Well madam prez, I found the pattern WITH PICTURES! I will have to get a copy to you somehow. I am getting the pattern for that really cute one Roni and Julie are fond of making and am headed to Heartstrings tomorrow morning to check out their selection. Oh yeah, and to get those dreaded doublepointed needles. Roni says they sometimes have affordable clearance stuff and I am hoping to find something cool. I will let you know. I just couldn't resist posting up a LB for LB! Many hugs, TMPH.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Free Day Friday!!

I am working my 5 days in 4 week this week (and next! And hopefully always as soon as I get the courage to ask the boss!) so Friday is FREE! And what am I going to do? I am going to check out Heartstrings, a place Julie and Roni know. It's only about 4 blocks from my house! Yippie! Hope I can find something affordable and cute. I will have to get Roni to loan me the pattern for that felted purse and tell me what else I need before then! (Booting up the email!) Ooh... a new store! Anyone wanna go with me?!?


My right arm has ached for two days so I haven't done any knitting. I think that's what I get for tying the blanket on Saturday (2 hours!) and then sitting down and knitting for another 2 hours later that day and again on Sunday. Yup... gotta remember that the arthritis is still there or it reminds me in a painful way. So I'm on day two of no knitting. I think if I'm good and don't overuse my arm at work, by Friday I can spend a few hours on my day off knitting! Yippie!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Must Haves

I must have a cup of coffee, especially in the morning. I can't pick up knitting needles OR a crochet needle unless I have a cup of coffee to soothe and warm me.

Friends. Definitely a "must have" and I'm lucky... I have. Friends who hold me up and teach me things and support even my silly ideas. My crafting friends have patience and tolerance and I'd be lost without them!

There are a lot of things we "must have" when it comes to crafting - good, affordable materials. Great patterns. Mostly, though, time. What's on your "must have" list?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Is It Monday Already?!?

Who said it could be Monday?!? I have too many craft projects I should be working on at home! Geez... ok... I'll do my job so I can pay the bills and afford to buy more yarn. The things we do for our crafts!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I count my blessings every day but today, especially, I am thankful for my crafting friends. They add a lot of joy to my life. We had a blast yesterday. As you can tell from the entries, I hope they can now post pictures. Happy Easter everyone!