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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Matt in his Hatt

OK, here he is... Matt in his hatt!! Next one will have to be about 2 rows shorter to fit him now and for a while longer. We'll see. Can't wait to actually hold him in my arms wearing the Matt Hatt!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

For Matt

Here is my almost-71-year-old teddy bear Brownie (yes, she has no eyes). I love her dearly. So when I needed a model for my latest project, I chose her. Hopefully you've figured out it's a hat. Now here's the fun thing... I used 28 stitches (2nd size) instead of the smaller one because it just looked like it might be too small. Interestingly enough, I think Matt's head is about the size of Brownie. So it should fit him. It's an odd looking hat, I know, but cute and a fast knit. I took about 2 hours off but still managed to make it in about 4 hours this afternoon. It's just a rectangle sewn up on the sides. I've seen it in various ways and one picture even had tassles hanging off the sides at the top but I will NOT do that to Matt. Too funky. But I think this is a cute first attempt at a hat for him. To make the stripes, well, that was an experiment that was, amazingly, easy. I knit 12 rows of blue, 4 rows of white, 8 rows of blue, 2 rows of yellow, 2 rows of blue, 2 rows of white, 8 rows of blue and then reversed it so that when I folded it over to sew it together, the stripes go all the way around in the same place. Pretty neat, eh?

I am still going to look for other patterns. Heather suggested doing something similar in rib stitch but it's not quite what I want. I have a pattern done on straight needles which I may try next. I made this out of cotton so Matt can wear it in the summer, too. If he outgrows it, I can make a bigger one.

I wanted to make something to take with me next time. So Ally, when you read this, if you like it, let me know. It's OK if you don't. But if you do, I may send you this and find a different pattern to make another to bring.

Sorry... sweaters are too difficult for me. This old penguin isn't learning many new tricks this year. And the one trick I said I would learn - socks - is on the back burner. I was bored with dishcloths but then I did the 8 pairs of pebble rib slipper socks and now I'm back to dishcloths and enjoying it. I should get back to felted bowls, huh?

My next project is to find the pattern for a huge crochet doily. A friend wants me to make two for her daughter. Those things take a long time. I may cast on a dishcloth to work on when I'm bored. :)

I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO HEMET AGAIN!!! I feel like when I'm there, I'm whole. I love my life here but down there it's so different for me emotionally. A quick prayer of thanks for both - my life here and the life I am allowed to share there. My family, my friends, a good life, yarn, needles and patterns - a very happy penguin am I.

PS Tuesday January 30th - After I posted this it dawned on me I had to re-think how old Brownie really is and after some quick math, realized the above was correct. BTW, Brownie has velvet on paws and feet which is mostly threadbare now from many nights of a little (and sometimes grown) girl holding hands and snuggling with the one "something old" "something new" "something borrowed" and "never blue". A truly unique bear. An aunt bought her for my mother when my mother was 2. Friday Brownie celebrates her 71st birthday. Happy Birthday Brownie! And Mom!

Made For Judy

A friend of mine asked me to make two washcloths for her sister Judy who likes the color beige. So here they are. Hope she likes them!