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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Matt's Growing!

Pictures & A Few Words

I am going to attempt to post a bunch of pictures in this posting and if I can't, I'll just break it up into two posts.

First, I finished knitting Ally's hat. Below on the left is a picture of it before felting and on the right, after felting. I'm sure you can't tell how big it was but trust me, it was the same size as the others and I did post a picture of that (check the archives).

I think I might do something extra to her hat. Maybe crochet two flowers in the base color and one in the contrasting stripe color, hand felt them and sew them on... or beads... or an i-cord to tie around the stripe in the main color... I haven't made up my mind yet.

Now here, if blogger cooperates, I are two dischloths I have recently made. I don't know if you can really see the pattern on the blue one because it's a light colored cloth but the pattern is called "small basket weave". The other is beautiful and was easy once I learned the p2tbl, purl 2 together in the back loops. The cheat on how to do that saved my sanity. And as with a bunch of patterns, you have to really pay attention and keep track of not just which row but WHERE in the row you are. I like a challenge. Ask anyone who knows me... one of my favorite phrases, "I love a challenge" because it's true. But only so many. :)