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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Washcloths

I absolutely adore my wonderful friend Jo. I like to make things to give her because she appreciates them so. I need to replace her airport lottery washcloth but until I do, here's the washcloth I made her for Christmas. Yes, it's a pair of flip flops. I purchased the pattern from Knits By Rachel ( I have purchased a few of her patterns and love them. I made one for Mom and I think of all the ones I bought in the first batch, I only have 1 left to make. I haven't made any of the last set I bought. I try to buy 4 at a time and only ones that I can't find a free pattern for but absolutely MUST have. This was one. I wanted to continue what I had started earlier this year. For Jo's birthday in March I gave her an ocean themed package. See, Jo wants to retire to the beach. Can't say I blame her! In fact, she is going back for her birthday in 2008 and I am joining her for 2 nights and we will have a blast! We went in October 2005 and it was one of my most memorable and wonderful times! I am so happy she has asked me to go with her again! So I wanted to continue the theme and found some ocean scented homemade bath salts (or was it gel? I can't remember!), some homemade candles with an ocean scent and made the flipflop washcloth. She also got an ornament and a miniature shoe knicknack thing which she likes which were nto part of the theme but so what. Anyway, I love this pattern and it was easy to do. I chose blue because that's her favorite color.

I do not remember where I got this pattern. For all I know it could have been one of my KALs. Anyway, since Jan, Jo's sister and my next door neighbor, likes to garden (so does Jo but not me!) I thought this watering can washcloth was appropriate for her. Hopefully she'll like it!
I have two dishcloths cast on but may end up taking them out. I am not getting an urge to make another solid color washcloth with a pattern. We shall see. Anyway, these two were fun to make but I haven't made one with a pattern in a long time. Plus I started crocheting again so I'll have to see what mood strikes me once I finish my scarf (and then Amy's hat). I will try to finish the washcloths I have started and then on to other ones. Oh wait... I almost forgot! Using the same crochet pattern as the washcloths I made for the Socks for Soldiers program, I used green/red/white holiday color cotton and made washcloths for the ladies I work with - Jo, Merry, Vicky, Tammy, Jenney, Dawn and I gave one to my friend Tammy Becca, too. I rolled them up, tied them with riboon and put them in a basket with some other goodies. I'm not going to post a picture of the basket, just the washcloth since that's what this post is about. Anyway, they're cute and noliday like and yes, I made a few different patterns with this color (forgot to take a picture of Amy's!) and I have one started with the yarn but that'll be a present for someone next holiday. Or mom if she wants it. :) But I do so like making these - they're quick and fun and most importantly, usable!

For everyone reading this blog, have a Merry Christmas! I will post more when I return from my holiday trip to be with Ally, Sean and Matt. And to see Heather! I leave in a few hours. So again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Some Scarves

I made scarves for 3 people for Christmas this year. To the left in a gorgeous navy blue is the scarf I made my brother. That's the easy one like I made myself in rose with the wool Kaylee gave me for my birthday last year.

I also made a scarf for my next door neighbor, Jan. It was the same pattern but I put long fringe on it. I don't think she's opened it yet but since I'm going away, I wanted to post pictures of some of what I have been crafting for this holiday. Let's see if I can get blogger to cooperate and post that picture, too. :)

Then I was tired of the pattern but wanted to make a scarf for my friend Vicky. One Friday she and I went to lunch and then stopped by a LYS where Sofia, the owner, told me how to make this scarf that I was admiring. Well, if you read my November 4th post, there's a picture of the scarf there. It's made with Divine and that one had eyelash yarn. It is fluffy and yummy and, well since it's size 35 needles, works up pretty darn fast. I got it in my mind I wanted to make one for Vicky in colors that would compliment her own coloring. I gave it to her Wednesday. She absolutely loved it and I am thrilled. It looks like this:

I wanted to post a picture of Vicky's carf so you can see the glizty eyelash I used. I put fringe on it and this light tanish color looks so nice on her!

It might be hard to see but to the left is Vicky's package. I found this glass container that looked like a purse with a flower in a stained glass pattern. It just was too cute to pass up. So I put the scarf in there and in the center I put an ornament which was an icicle shape with an angel at the top.

I will do another post showing a few other things I made. But for now, these scarves were easy to make and pretty presents and since I don't give those kinds of things often, next year I'll try to come up with something else. I like to give homemade gifts but it's hard to find new ideas when I don't do socks, don't like big projects and sometimes run out of time.

BTW, my friend Kaylee posted up a picture of a scarf she made using a pattern from the Yarn Harlot which I now think I will have to try. I have another scarf in the plans and the yarn but haven't started it but now I am thinking this might be a good project to take with me along with the shawl. Or maybe I should just leave well enough alone. :) Whaddya think? hehehe

Monday, December 17, 2007

About 2008...

What's on my plate for 2008?

1. I am going to work on Amy's hat when I get back from Hemet which means probably somewhere around the 28th. For some unknown reason I just don't seem to want to do it but now that I have the yarn, I must.

2. I will be making some commissioned washcloths. A dozen. That will take time.

3. The raspberry shawl I started then ripped out and have now re-started for the third time which is for me will get done. It's my "inbetween" project. It's just garter stitch - knit every row - which means it's easy to pick up and do just one row at a time. I'm using Homespun yarn which is nubby and bulky and warm and beautiful. I plan to take this to Ally's house with me.

4. Finish the 2 knit washcloths and 2 crochet washcloths I have already started. The knit are a bit harder and require more concentration. One of the crochet ones isn't so much a difficult pattern as just something to pay attention and a bit time consuming.

Am I burning myself out on washcloths? Not yet. But I am starting to get ambition to take on bigger projects. Hence the shawl for me. If that works out, I may finally try the one for my mother again. Her birthday is February but I doubt I would be able to make that deadline. I will try for next year's Christmas present.

Oh wait... these are just the crafty what's up for 2008. If you want to know what's on my plate for 2008 outside of crafting things, go read my regular blog. :p