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Monday, June 30, 2008

Swapping and Crafting

No pictures because this is about things which I make. I have done quite a few "newbie" swaps at swap-bot and now I need to get my fingers moving to finish a doily for a doily swap. I needed the motivation. Actually, it's mostly done, just have to finish up.

But this weekend, instead, I finished the yellow washcloth I am sending my mom for her kitchen. I am disappointed because I made one mistake and it is something you can see but I know she always welcomes even my mistakes. I also hauled out a washcloth I was working on for me in the self-striping pink cotton. I don't have too much more to do on it and am pleased at how it is turning out. I think I started it in December then just put it away to work on things for others and swaps and try other things. This is a really cute pattern I got off the net and now I remember why I chose it! When I finish this all I have left "in progress" to finish is the doily for the swap, a ribbed hat (which, I have worked on briefly lately) and mom's shawl. I have a scarf I started that I absolutely HATE so that will probably go sit in a dark corner.

So, you ask, what is next when you finish the doily? (You know me well... the shawl will only be worked on in air conditioned spaces and the hat is a pick-up project which means it won't get a lot of work done on it for a while.)

I am going to make something... Well, considering my daughter reads this blog and I don't want to give her the wrong idea, I am not going to talk about it except to say that my friend Vicky is going to help me pick the pattern. I am going to give her two or three choices and get her opinion.

I will also start another washcloth. Maybe two. I like the smaller projects. Yes, yes, you know that about me. I am thinking that since crochet is faster and lighter and it's so hot here that maybe I'll make a few small doilies just to have around. Or a set of coasters in cotton with "granmother's favorite" diagonal pattern. We'll see. I may have to make a list of what small projects I'd like to make and check them off as I finish them.

Looking forward to an extra day off and maybe I can devote more time to crafting than I have lately. The heat is making me not want to do much. But my mind is starting to swirl with "what to do next" and that may be just the motivation I need. Oh, and a dip in Ruth and Chuck's pool on Friday. hehehe