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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

After Vacation

I have so many things to do after vacation! I need to post pictures here of what I made before I went on vacation and during vacation. I didn't have access to my address book so I could answer email sent to me but not find other addresses. So Corinne and Heather and Kaylee, email will be forthcoming on Sunday when I wake up from my long sleep. I expect to be very tired when I get home.

Vacation is coming to a close and that makes me sad. Ally and Matt left last night. I managed to get a picture of the bib I made Andrew before he used it and I should make him another but that will wait until I get home. I am busy working on a different project. The dishcloth that was on the needles when I came is still there with only 2 extra rows. I was busy working on other things when I felt so inclined. I've been enjoying being with family and chatting with them and staying up late and, just generally, find that the interest I have in crochet and knitting takes the place of a person in my otherwise empty wonderful house. So it hasn't really been needed all that much since I've been here. I'm sure when I get home the needles and hooks will be flying again. :)

I hope everyone has been well and happy as I've been. I have missed Jo terribly and can't wait to see her! I have a movie waiting to watch at home while I knit on Sunday night, Monday I am making lunch for my adopted brother David's birthday and will try to get back on track before I have to return to work. I may make three or four posts with all the pictures I have. Oh, and I have a wonderful story that is not crafty which I will have to post to the Ramblings blog when I get home. Ah... I already know I won't have enough time to get everything done!

See y'all soon (as my friend Kathy would say).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still Vacationing

I'm still on vacation and having a blast. It's hard to believe it's over in a week.

I have not been doing much knitting or anything else since Ally and Matt arrived. They leave tomorrow. I expect I'll be knitting more at night when they leave.

I will have lots of pictures to post here and on my "regular" blog once I get home. I have made a few things for Andrew, my brother's grandson. I did not take a picture of his bib, though, because it's a lot like Matt's and I'll post a picture of his when I get back.

Until then, everyone be happy! I am!