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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gee Wiz!

Yeah, I know. I haven't posted. Shut up now Brooke.

All I seem to do is knit dishcloths. OK, now I've started to crochet them, too. I just don't feel like taking pictures and posting because, well, they're just different patterns. I'm still doing the KALs but with 3 groups that do 2 a month, well, I have decided I am going to have to find a way to split them up. I am doing all 3 of the beginning month ones now but I may only do one mid-month KAL and next month because of the conference, I may only do 1 at the beginning of the month. I am starting to finally get burned out of knitted ones.

So what do I do? I start crocheting them! hehehe
I am working tomorrow so that I can have a long weekend this weekend. I know it's supposed to be over 100 every day and without AC it's going to be tough but if I can, I would like to start the shawl for my mom with the beautiful lavendar KnitPicks Ambrosia yarn (80% baby alpaca and 20% cashmere). I have a pattern I want to try and I think I will use the KnitPicks Options I treated myself to earlier this year.

So wherever you are, think of me attempting my first non-dishcloth project in months. If it's too hot I will have to put it off. When the weather turns cool in November or so I owe Amy a green felted hat with a brown stripe. Maybe I'll make myself a black hat. I've been thinking about it. Right now thinking of wool makes me sweat. At least the shawl is lacy and the yarn light and yummy.

What's life been like in my corner of the universe? Hot and a little sad. I WANT A VACATION IN AIRCONDITIONING!!