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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Post

OK, quick post because soon my computer will be taken apart and while it will be put back together probably tonight or tomorrow, no idea when I will have DSL so posting might be a while.
At last it looks like the move will finally finish. By tomorrow night everything will either be at the storage unit or in my new room. It has been exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally. To alleviate the stress I take 5 minutes every so often and knit. I can only work on washcloths which are small and require no real amount of attention. I put aside the afghan a week ago because I can't concentrate. It is going to end up being for Dad's birthday in April, most likely. I may take it with me to Ally's over Christmas if I have been able to pick it up inbetween. We'll see. I am too tired at the moment to even think about it.

When I can get out from under the piles, I will take pictures of the last couple of things I have made and post them from work, probably. I will still knit during this so don't fear, the needles are active.

Stay in touch and I will post when I can. And should even have pictures! In the meantime, try this for a picture (I've been feeling this way throughout the move!):