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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Summer Knitting

It's almost impossible to do any knitting in summer here. It is so hot that you want to melt. Yesterday it was only about 104 and today will only be around 108. I am trying really, really hard to finish a project. I have been working on it first thing in the morning while sitting under the ceiling fan. I'm within sight of finishing it. But it's too hot to pick it up. Guess I will try it again tomorrow.

Hope everyone else out there is staying cool and able to knit (or crochet or scrapbook or otherwise craft).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gadget Girl and What's Shes Doing

Knitting. And knitting some more. I keep knitting until I'm reminded I have arthritis. Keep knitting until every joint aches and screams so loud I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood can hear them, too. Then take two Tylenol, do a dinner break and start in again. I believe that where my knitting and arthritis is concerned, it really is a case of no pain, no gain. I love the crafting. I can deal with the pain.

I'm working on a baby afghan and I only have 3 repeats left of the extremely LONG pattern (pattern is 22 rows) then only another 16 rows of edging (yup, I'm counting!) so I may finish it before the baby is born! I'm just plugging away at it. I have a month to get it done. Yeah... well... maybe not quite a month. :)

You can tell I have the summertime blues because I haven't purchased any yarn or needles in over a week. I am knitting my way through it. :)

You know, it sounds wrong to say I'm a needle junkie.... especially when I mean KNITTING needles. A yarn junkie? Well, I've always been more of a gadget girl which means it's needles and stitch markers and row counters and knitting bags that get me revved up. Maybe I can just say I'm a knitting/crochet gadget addict. :)