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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Birthday Present

Thursday the 24th was my adopted Dad's birthday. It might be hard to tell but the hat is mostly a midnight blue with light blue big stripes and grey tiny stripes but the top is finished in the grey. It was made with Wool of the Andes and my friend Georgia's beanie pattern. I admit I was disappointed because the stripes in the back don't match up very well and it was knit in the round. When I've made striped hats in the past which required a sewn back seam, you can always find a way to match them up. I will have to see about finding a pattern for one that is NOT knit in the round to use when I want to do stripes so I can make it match up better. I know "dad" won't mind but still... I would have been happier if I could have figured out how to fix it. Consider it an experiment, I guess. But it is a nice wool hat and when I finally see him to give him his present, I know he'll like it. He was going to get it tonight but he has a cold and is contagious so I will not be seeing him until next weekend. Can't afford to get sick. I have plans for Friday and then in a couple of weeks I am off to a conference.
And y'know, who wouldn't like a nice 100% handmade knit wool hat for their birthday? Especially when you'd just said how you'd like one of those. :)