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Sunday, June 20, 2010


I haven't done too much crafting. Some of it is because the weather is getting hotter. Some of it is because I was busy spending all my time watching the NBA playoffs. Please, do not ask me about that.

I like doing little projects, as you know. I need to make one more washcloth for a co-worker's birthday in August. I finally have the color. Now to get the motivation.

I also know I should start doing some scarves and hats to put away for swaps or holidays. I have just been so not into doing much of anything lately. I mean not even simple things. So today is the day I clean up the kitchen, finish the laundry and decided to unload pictures from the camera so I could blog.

I admit I am finding it harder and harder to be motivated to blog especially when I seem to keep making the same things over and over. I need new patterns. New inspiration. Perhaps just a friend to knit or crochet with.

If you have some quick and easy patterns for something different to share with me I would love it! Or if you're in my neck of the woods and want to get together to craft I would love that, too! I have a house with room now and a stove and I am re-learning how to cook.

Motivation, anyone?

Other Things

On the left is a dishtowel and matching washcloth and on the right is a scrubbie which I made for Mom for Mother's Day. She liked all of them (she likes everything I make her since she isn't crafty!).

While I was there I also made her a spiral rib hat in light tan. Since I have posted lots of pictures of those I won't post another one. :)

Mom asked me to make two baby fleece tie blankets for her to give to her church's blanket project for AIDS babies. I made these:

So before blogger decides to totally mess up this post, I am going to end this one and try one more.

She Lives!

I unloaded the pictures from the camera and imagine it will take two posts to put them all here. I've recently become addicted to making "hot hats" which are these cute little things that look like doll hats but which fit on the knob of your saucepan lid and act like potholders. Here's a picture of one of them. I've been using variegated cotton. They take no more than 15 minutes and are crocheted.

I also made a matching dishtowel which looks like this:

Since blogger is giving me a hard time I will try another post for a few other things I have made.