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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have put together two envelopes to go to the 2 year olds. They both are getting the same wooden ornaments/playthings but the washcloth each is receiving was made with that particular little boy in mind. I put the plane, train and automobile on top of the washcloth for the picture. The one on the left is for Andrew, my brother's grandson, and the one on the right is for Matt, my grandson.

I just couldn't resist the little figures when I was shopping in Michael's over the weekend. I hardly ever shop there but saw these and thought it was something cute to send with the washcloth. And I know for a fact Matt loves planes and cars and I'm sure he'll love trains, too. My dad had a big thing for all three items.
Next on the post... I joined a dishcloth swap on swap-bot and decided to wait until the partners were assigned to make the washcloth. Since I am crocheting them now (so much faster) and am in that phase, I saw she liked purple so I made this to send to her:

I am getting a package together for mom when I finish a certain project (the one that needs to be altered) so when that is ready to go I will post pictures.

So until next posting, know I am crocheting my little fingers off. I have a project to work on for Kaylee which should keep me busy.

Oh hey, btw, I was looking for something tonight and I found a huge tote bag filled with BIG skeins of Bernat Handcrafter cotton in stripes and varigated colors. I have more cotton than I can every use. But, sadly, it is most variegated so I will have to use those to make crochet things for my stash (or knit - I have a few patterns that are good for variegated). I go through periods where all I do is knit and now I'm in the crochet zone. After I finish the project for my mom and another similar one I am sure I will be back to knitting. We shall see. So, having said that I have more cotton than I will ever use I am off to shop on the internet for more of the BIG skeins of Bernat Handcrafter in SOLID colors. I have very small amounts of solids that aren't either pink (of any shade) or blue. I think I am seriously addicted to cotton yarn. Dare I say even moreso than patterns and THAT is a serious addiction!


Yes, I've been busy crocheting and working on various little things. I have taken pictures and will try to post later. I'm putting together an envelope for Matt and one for Andrew which I hope to mail out this week. And I am going to have to alter a pattern I started because the yarn I'm using just isn't up to gauge but it's so darn soft I couldn't resist using it. So I will have to add at least one repeat and make it larger.

I am also going to start digging in my yarn to make some washcloths for Kaylee. I'm going to see what I have for neutral color and variegated for edging. I am sure they will be crochet since it's faster.

Once I finish the altered pattern project I will start something similar. And surprise! The project is actually something that is larger and NOT a washcloth!