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Monday, July 06, 2009

Flying Fingers

Over the course of the weekend my fingers were flying as you can see from previous posts. Here's what you don't know... what I did yesterday.

I finished the one washcloth I had started to send my mom for her charity thing which is next week. Then I finished 2 more. And then I finished a set of 4 coasters to match one of the washcloths. Oh and did I mention that I also worked on the scarflet for my mom's cousin? Oh wait... can't tell you that... didn't mention I had even STARTED it!

So the only thing on my list I didn't touch this weekend was the child's hat. I may not get to that for a bit. I am not in the mood.

I'm probably going to have to purchase more yarn for the scarflet because just looking at it I know I don't have enough. And for the funky scarf, either. But that is just a pickup project.

Of course what else do I do but buy myself another pamphlet with washcloth patterns. Now I'm itching to try some of those. I have also decided to cast on another triangle scarf but with bigger needles. If it's decent enough I will give it to Vicky for her birthday. I was going to make her a doily but I am just so NOT in the mood to do doilies. Don't know why. It's not because it's crochet - everything I made yesterday was crochet and I am going to start another one or two crochet projects. Must just be the fact it's a doily. Who knows. I have two balls of black alpaca which is what I will use to make the triangle scarf for Vicky. I would use the one ball I have left of the cream but I don't want to run out and black is more her color anyway. I will know for sure after I show it to her tomorrow and see if she likes it. If she doesn't, I'll make something else in a hurry.

Pictures are still in the camera. Later I'll post them.


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