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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Have You Been Doing?

Go ahead... ask. I've been quiet so long you probably think I must be running my butt off. Well, you'd be wrong.

I finished something and purposefully did not take a picture nor will I talk about it here because it's on its way out the door soon. No, not the Ravelry scarf exchange although I need to go ahead and just put the package together and mail it to get it out of here. I have a couple of small Swap-bot exchanges to mail, too. I signed up for one that doesn't happen until November which gives me plenty of time to think about whether or not I want to do it and if so, what to include in the package. I also found motivation to finish a doily I had started probably a year ago because I joined a doily swap. I like the pattern (have done it several times) but I got interested in other things. The hot weather means no heavy wool projects so doilies and washcloths are probably it. Although I did work on mom's shawl for about 5 minutes last night while I was sitting in an air conditioned house (it's triple digits here!). I am going to start taking the shawl to work so hopefully I can work on it there without getting too hot.

Today I plan to finish the doily and all I need to do with a washcloth is cast off. Then I will pick up the yellow one and work on that. I put it down because there was a mistake in the pattern and those bother me. But I'll finish it and send it to mom because it matches her kitchen and she won't know the pattern had a mistake. :) She always gladly takes my experiments.

I think I'll make a few doilies and put those in the stash. I'm also going to make a few cup cozies for the stash. I actually want to make one this afternoon to go in a swap package. I also thought maybe I'd make one and send it to Ally but I don't know if she'd use it much. Right now I have 3 patterns for them. The cabled one is nice. The Chinese Waves pattern one I made as an experiment would need to be tweaked. But my "pattern a day" calendar on my kitchen table had a pattern for one I want to try. I know how long the other two take to do (an afternoon) so maybe I'll try this one.

I am not sure I'm ready to go back to big felting projects (or even little ones) but maybe in the winter. It's too hot to really do much with wool. This is why I am thinking doilies might not be a bad idea. Or cup cozies. Anything light or fast. Cozies are so fast. Then again, felted bookmarks are fast, too. Maybe the stash needs so of those.

Oh, yeah, when I say "stash", I'm talking about the GIFTING stash, not the yarn stash. There's more cotton in my stash than I'll ever use. Maybe I need to find a pattern for a good dishTOWEL to use up some of that cotton stash. If you know of a pattern for an easy towel, send me a link! I have lots of odds and ends I would love to use up, too.

And those of you who occasionally receive some of this stuff, if there's something you'd like that I make on a regular basis, let me know! I find projects move faster when they're for someone else (except for mom's shawl but that's more of a heat issue these days).

I'm off to move the sprinklers, refill the coffee and then figure out which crafty project to do first. This is a typical Sunday. Yeah, Sunday is mostly my craft day. I like having a day I know I can set aside for knitting or crocheting. But if you are inclined to ask me about going to a movie or lunch or dinner or shopping, watch how fast I drop the needles. Or the hook.

Watch. :)