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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still Crafting

I know... I know... I haven't posted for too long. I do have pictures to share of what I have been knitting. And yes, I've been knitting.
First, I wanted to try the alternate feather and fan pattern I saw on Ravelry. So I used some of the self striping blue/white cotton. Here is how it turned out...

Isn't that pretty? The self striping yarn is always pretty but I like finding a nice pattern to use the yarn.

So what else did I stitch recently, you wonder? What *has* she been doing with her time?!? Well I said I would put together a package of 2 washcloths with 2 beanies to send to the Socks for Soldiers program. I got the washcloths done fairly quickly. The beanie... whole other story. First I had to order fixed cable circulars from KnitPicks because the cables on the Options needles are 24" and I needed 16". At first I tried using the Options but no way... too much cable. I have another set of needles that are like the Options that I purchased (I think it's Boyer but I can't remember and I'm not getting up to look since I'm finally posting!) which were half the price of the Options. The cable is probably 20" which might have worked (I tried) but I knew I'd have to wait for the shorter cabled circulars. I ordered size 7, 8 and 9 and a set of the DDPNs in 8 which I figured would work for any of those sizes when it was time to decrease at the crown. I also ordered quite a bit of yarn including some Wool of the Andes. It's all 100% so it'll fit the SFS requirements.

Anyway... the yarn and needles came. I cast on using some 100% wool from Patons (which I have used in the past and in fact Ally's felted hat from last year was made with Patons) in a mottled grey. I really liked the color. I had purchased a pattern book and saw a pattern I liked and wanted to try. Then it happened... I've had a week where I have been too tired to do anything at night. No knitting. Not even email. But finally last night I was able to finish beanine #1! I cast on #2 with a beautiful hunter green Wool of the Andes and hopefully this will go faster although it's a different pattern. I am using Georgia's pattern this time (she's been my SFS mentor and a good friend!). I love the results of the first beanie but boy had I forgotten how awful K1P1 can be sometimes... very hard on the shoulders! And the entire hat is in K1P1 ribbing!! So, without further ado...

These are the washcloths for the Socks for Soldiers program. I had purchased this yarn and wasn't sure what I was going to make with it but decided I would make the first set of washcloths out of this green/tan/white with a touch of yellow cotton. The next ones I make will probably have more color to them, maybe even something solid. I haven't decided. Need to finish the second beanie first! And hopefully they'll be OK for the program. If not, I may just do knitting for some local charities and donate money to the SFS program.

And since you probably want to see the beanie...