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Friday, December 22, 2006

'Tis The Season for Packages!!

Woo hoo!!! My wonderful secret pal sent me an email saying that a package is on its way! I will check the post office today and tomorrow to see if SP's package has arrived... maybe right now it's sitting in a locker at the post office with the package from my brother that I'm expecting... oohhh... can't wait!!

On another package note, I am probably going to have to make two posts when I get to it this weekend to show you all the wonderful goodies my SP8 spoiler, and dear friend, Kaylee sent me! She has loaned me her dvd on how to make socks and then sent me the most gorgeous yummy self striping sock yarn! She makes hers on two circular needles which sounds very cool. I think, however, to prepare, I am going to have to order myself some circular needles just for sock making. I can do the DDPNs (yeah, I know, they shouldn't be "dreaded" anymore but in a way they are). I don't quite know yet. I am going to have to watch the dvd to get started. And find a basic sock pattern. Her yarn is so gorgeous I can't imagine using it to experiment and learn on a first pair. And she sent me more really wonderful things including CHOCOLATE!! And the most gorgeous little glass penguin with the best expression! Oh how lucky I am that she continues to spoil me!!

So I will take pictures and post this weekend. I've been busy and I'm still not quite where I want to be health-wise (yup, still hacking and congested) but I am better. I just hope that I am completely over this crappy cold by the time I get to go see Matt.

And speaking of which... today is his due date. C'mon Matt! Grammy Penguin is almost as anxious as your parents for you to arrive! GET HERE!!

Pictures later. :)