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Monday, August 06, 2007

Yeah, Yeah... We'll See

Working on lots of dishcloths. As you know from my previosu post, now I am mostly crocheting them. I've made a couple cute ones so I'll post pictures. Yes, I am still knitting them. Just not so many. I am now waiting for the full patterns before deciding whether I want to do a KAL. I'm in a funk. But that may change. We'll see.

But the good news is I re-started my mom's shawl. I am trying to crochet it. I thought this was going to work outwards in a triangle shape but I am looking at this and thinking it's actually working sideways. We'll see what it looks like in a few more rows. I'll post a picture. This means, of course, I have to go rip out the one I have started by knitting. I hope I can save the yarn since it's expensive stuff. But it's too delicate to knit with... hence the crochet. I like the pattern I've started. We'll see.

No pictures. Not yet. I keep running a monthly dishcloth swap at swap-bot. The August one is about to end - packages must be sent by this Thursday. The September one is all set for signups. I keep changing the guidelines. Now we're just sending 2 to 2 partners. No patterns or yarn. That was keeping people away. I think. We'll see.

Yeah, yeah... end a paragraph without "We'll see." Can I? ...

(whispering) We'll see.