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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Post #222 (Not Room 222!)

To celebrate the state where I was born, where my twin brother and mom still live, and in celebration of Post #222, here's what I will be knitting next (after I start a doily for a private exchange):

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ravelry Scarf Exchange Goodies!!

Woohoo! You will just NOT believe the wonderful package I got from my Ravelry Scarf exchange partner! She did a great job! Her name is Kelli and she's from my dear New England (although Massachusetts - hehe). She made me a gorgeous scarf! I have to say when I opened her package, there was something in there that I, too, had chosen to have for myself - notecards. Now I have two sets and I am sooooo happy!! Here's a list of what was in the package and then hopefully you can tell from the picture:

Beautiful notecards, soap and tissues by Mary Engelbrett (who I really like!)
Blackberry and vanilla body lotion
2 balls of Sugar & Cream cotton yarn - lilac and medium rose
A hank of yarn that matches the scarf! Gorgeous pinks and lilac!
A scarf is a lace pattern called "The Gift of Friendship" in that great yarn!
AND the pattern!
The scarf was in a gorgeous bag that looks homemade, too!
A bunch of great patterns in protector sleeves
A beautiful lavendar reed doffuser

This was a truly well thought out package and she did a FABULOUS job! I definitely feel special and lucky! THANK YOU KELLI!!!
Now let's see if I can get everything in one picture and in this post. :)