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Monday, March 25, 2013

Picture Time

OK it's been forever so now it's time to post up a few pictures.

This is a shoulder wrap that I made with a pattern from the Red Heart website.  It's really kinda like a shawl.  I made this for ME.

This next project is totally addictive.  I loved this pattern from my crochet pattern-a-day calendar (for 2013) so much that I have lost count of how many I have made.  I have one for my daughter, mother, brother and for my ex-sister-in-law but they have to be mailed.  Instead I am posting the picture of the one I made for myself.  I adapted the pattern by adding an extra two rows to make it a bit taller but either size is great!

 I found the pattern for the log cabin washcloth and have made a few of those.  They don't take a lot of time and are fun to look at.  Here's the first one I made.  I eventually made myself one to match the bowl above, yes, both for ME.

So I am still crafting away.  I have another lapghan started but lost steam after making two.  I just want small projects at the moment.  I just found a new pattern today for a washcloth that I want to try and it will use up my scraps although I know I could probably use any pattern for that.  I am just looking for an excuse to try something new.

Right now it's time to go finish the oblong bowl I am making.  I am making it to give to Amy's father in a couple of days when we go to Reno for a little two day mini-vacation.

Anyone know why it feels so weird to sit and watch tv without having something in my hands to work on?  I know that when the weather gets really hot that won't be a question I'll be asking but right now I like that it's still cool and I can ask it.