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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two New Creations

Over the long weekend I purchased a pattern book (crochet) for washcloths that I didn't own. Amazing, isn't it?!?
The earth toned one on the left was made for a swap. I waited until partners were assigned because I wanted it to be in colors the person liked.
The one on the right is made with yarn I bought last weekend on sale at Joann's. Same pattern book but different pattern. I like the way the colors work up.
All the patterns are very easy and cute. I have some patterns I have collected from my calendars that I would like to try but right now when it's 80 degrees outside at 9am in the morning it's hard to be motivated to work with yarn.
Probably won't get a lot of crafting done this week. Tuesday night Ally and Matt arrive and then they leave Thursday night. Would rather do nothing with them than work on a project and ignore them. :)
FYI This post doesn't seem to want to put in the paragraphs. So if it looks funny, blame Blogger.