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Friday, October 08, 2010

Busy Fingers & Catching Up

On the left is a "bow" scarf I crocheted for my mom. The pattern is so incredibly easy! It came out of "Crochet Patterns for Dummies". Yeah it sounds terrible but it's a great reference with patterns. The wrist warmer pattern for the one on the right came from my crochet pattern a day calendar. Here is a picture of the triangle shawl I made my mom, too.

I have made some washcloths and actually made 4 sets of the wrist warmers including one in pink for me. I've made a child's rolled brim hat which I need to take a picture of before I give it away (which I will do when I get to mom's house).
I am off on vacation and will return in two weeks. But know that I am busy crafting away. I saw an easy way to make a shrug (crochet) that I am going to try. Wish me luck!