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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Holiday is Past

Christmas is over and I have returned from Hemet. Unfortunately I got sick right before I left and am still not feeling well. The only good news is I don't go to work until January 2nd so I can spend the rest of my vacation recovering. And I feel better every day which is good.

One thing we all know about children when they start to walk is they NEVER stay still. It was almost impossible to get any pictures of Matt. This picture was taken on his first birthday (IMAGINE!!). I called to him and asked him to come see Grammy. He leaned right in and let me take this. See how many teeth he has!

Nothing warms your heart quite like when you call to a small child you love and they come up to you with their arms out, smiling. Sure, he didn't really want to be picked up but he let me and I got a few kisses in and when I was well enough, I played with him a bit. But truthfully, I was so sick it was hard to do.

To tell you how sick I really was, I took my raspberry shawl with me to work on and after I got through the first skein of yarn, I was hardly able to do anything. I worked on it a bit last night but I am just not inspired to do anything yet. I need to cast on Amy's hat and finish the second of the first set of washcloths I was commissioned to do. I am doing them one of each kind at a time so there will be 6 sets of 2. Easier to not get bored that way.

I will post a picture of the shirt Ally made me. We have a tradition in our family that on Christmas Eve we open one present from someone outside of the house. Since I wasn't at my house she insisted I open that one. Oh it just warmed me so! And she gave me a beautiful picture of the three of them in a frame and had used glitter glue to write around the frame "Your loving family:" at the top then on the left side: "Ally Sean" on the right side "Matthew" and at the bottom "We miss you lots!" Those two gifts beat an expensive present any day! They are from the heart! And reinforces that it's family that counts most.

I am going to make a list of projects I want to do this year, in order, and do them. As my friend Kaylee says, this will be the year of finished projects. I am going to finish something before I cast anything else on. I have two washcloths for me on the needles (yes, the morning before I left I did work on that "unfinished project" some!) so until those are done and the raspberry shawl (made from Homespun - trust me, this may be acrylic but it's bulky and warm and soft and I am going to love this shawl!) and I have finished the two other "must" projects, I will not be making anything for me. I also will not be adding to my gifting stash but that's ok. I want to try something bigger, too. I have joined a 6" square swap and if there are enough of us, we can put them together to form an afghan. That will be the one exception to the "no new cast on" projects. I think I would like to do that. I can make an afghan without all the work! hehe

Though Ally complained about not being dressed or having makeup on, I took this picture anyway because it's perfect. I call it Happy Family.

While Christmas 2007 is past, it was a good one. Not all that crafty but good. I hope the New Year brings all of friends, family and fellow crafters joy and happiness. For always.