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Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Am Evil

I'm going to feed everyone's addiction as well as my own. Thank you for helping me find this Kaylee!

Go here. You MUST!!

Friday, September 15, 2006


I am one truly frustrated crafty penguin. Although I have put aside the alpaca scarf (I will work on that Sunday at a meeting of the Knitting Circle) and there is another project I am almost done but haven't worked on for a while either (another thing I will take to KC to work on), I have really, honestly, been knitting. I just can't talk about it or post pictures because, of course, at this time of the year I am preparing for the holidays. REALLY FRUSTRATING!! I so badly want to share what I've been doing but I can't give it away. But here's a hint... I have found something quick to knit that is as addicting as felted bowls. No, haven't made a bowl in a while although I have a lot of yarn and I need to get making some more. I love quick projects. And they are such cute little things. I like to have one or two on hand just in case I forgot someone's birthday. :) Once Christmas is past I can post pictures of what I'm working on these days. And yes, I will remember to take pictures. In the meantime, settle for this (I have had a major crush on Nicholas Lea for years and years - even hugged him at an "X-Files" convention in Burbank many years ago!!... and no, Keifer, dear, I haven't forgotten about you! Although you should all know I don't usually talk about those obsessions in with my crafty ones. But maybe someday I can find a way to mix them!