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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures & Catching Up


OK now that the pictures are off the camera I can update the blog and play catch up.

I have been doing all crochet lately. I just find it faster and am having fun experimenting with the various patterns. So the brown hat on the left is a child's hat which I gave to Andrew (for a picture of him wearing it see my Ramblings of a Mutant Penguin blog - link on the right side). I made one and sent it to Matt, too. And a couple for my mom to give away for a charity event. And one in pink for Tammy Flowers' granddaughter Muriel. All these AND a ton of washcloths while I was on vacation and since I got home. See, it really is a lot faster to crochet. Anyone I love the grey washcloth on the right which I made for me. I used the same pattern to make a bunch of other colored ones. Here are two more, round ones this time, that I've recently made.
I am having fun trying new patterns. I found a cute pattern for a small scarf and I made 3 and sold them for $10 each. I have one small one in a burgundy which I may just hold on to for a while. Then I decided it was a nice pattern and I'd like to make one, longer though, in this variegated yarn my mother really liked that I used when I was there on vacation. So I figured out what I had to do to make it longer (add stitches in a multiple of 12) and the scarf turned out so well that I have further modified the pattern and now am using three different colors to make these as strips which I will then put together with black yarn to join and around the edge (and fringe) and am making an afghan for myself! I never make big projects but I am looking at this as little projects eventually put together. I am hoping to not lose interest. I need to make a few little things for Christmas but I can work on those inbetween once I figure out exactly WHAT to make. I already made hats for Andrew and Matthew but I may see if there's a different pattern and make them another for Christmas. I have little somethings for their birthdays. Hard when BOTH their birthdays fall in the same month as Christmas!
I have been busy and always working on something. I have a purple round bag I am crocheting for myself which I have worked on every now and again since the end of September. I'm more than halfway done. It's a pattern I am using out of "Crochet Patterns for Dummies". It's really a great resource for patterns and I've already made that bow-tie scarf pattern several times (I think I may have already posted a picture of the blue one I made my mom). Anyway, until I get interested in knitting again at least I am still able to craft.
I keep thinking about making myself another tie blanket and then realize I have at least 6 just for me. But darn they are warm, easy to make and fun. And if you can get the material on a big sale, not too expensive (I've made them for as little as $15 for a 2 yard by 2 yard but I've also made on that, on sale, the material cost me over $30 but that was a licensed fleece - Boy Scouts for my brother and definitely worth it!). Anyway, I need to make a list of what I need to work on so I make sure I get it all done. I have been making washcloths like crazy and some will go for gifts. I already know that since crochet is faster most of the gifts this year will be crochet.
So see, I didn't go into hiding. I went on vacation but I have been crafting all along. And finally, here are the pictures to prove it! Until next time, know that I am still crafty and still ranting.