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Saturday, January 26, 2008


I've been slowing down. Next Saturday is my mom's birthday and since she always insists I do nothing for her but a card, I can't. But after the last time I sent her flowers and after sending her presents for Christmas and getting told I wasn't supposed to, I decided this time I would mostly listen to her. So I sent her an envelope with a card and this:

I have 6 washcloths done ahead, all crochet since it's so much faster, for the swaps I am signed up for in the future. One a month with 4 more swaps so I am pretty close to done. Now on to other things.

I have no worked on Mom's shawl. I just haven't had ambition. I have, however, gotten half of commissioned #6 done and should finish that today. I do have a washcloth in the same pattern as mom's started although different colors. That needs to be finished ASAP because I need to take it somewhere soon.

Today I am hoping to finish both of those. I had dinner with Amy last night and told her why I am so reluctant to start her hat and that it won't take more than a week once I do. I have yarn for projects laid out on the futon in my second bedroom in order that they need to be done. Hers is first. I've been putting off starting her hat not because it's hard but because I really don't want to get back into making felted bowls and once I do her hat, I'll do bowls because they're relatively fast. The problem with bowls, like most felted things, is that if you buy good wool, it's expensive. But I want to make her hat so if I fall back into using all my good wool and emptying out that 3 drawer cabinet that holds the wool, I do. I will cast on her hat and get moving.

I also want to start a baby afghan but I do not know if I will knit or crochet or what pattern. I had picked out a pattern quite a while ago but I know me, I will change my mind. So here's the list of projects on the agenda:

1. Finish commissioned #6 today.

2. Finish washcloth for me today.

3. Cast on Amy's hat.

4. After Amy's hat is done, work on Mom's shawl when I go to see Ally in less than 3 weeks. It's perfect airport knitting. And anytime I don't want to concentrate on anything. If I keep at it, the shawl will only take about a month.

5. I will cast on commissioned #7 after I finish #6 since that's my pattern of motivation and I will work on that as my project for tv watching at night.

6. Only after Mom's shawl is done will I begin a baby afghan.

7. Yes, inbetween I am sure I will work on other washcloths. I have 2 with complicated patterns (for me!) sitting on the needles that I would love to finish but they require a lot of concentration. Since they're for me I'm not pressuing myself.

And someday I would love to be able to join a KAL again. I just usually have too many projects going on to do a KAL. And until I get those two mentioned in #7 done, I have two pair of size 7 needles in use and that's the size I usually use so unless I want to buy more needles (and I DO NOT want to!), I have to finish something first.

So I'm going to have more coffee and go get started. I need to finish laundry, go Costco shopping and I'm going to David's for dinner. Finally going to meet Max, his new dog. I hope I can conquer my fear of large dogs. At least this one, I know, will not bite me. That should help. And right now he's big but not too big - he's still a puppy.

Gotta get busy crafting. So it's time to stop ranting. Happy Saturday everyone!