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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oops... I Forgot

I forgot to post a picture of the purple spiderweb doily I made for the doily exchange at which is where I do a ton of swapping. This went out in the mail last week. Here's the picture:

Sadly there were mistakes in it (ok... as we used to say in the software field "features") but those are kinda hard to see and yet I also have this philosophy that a tiny flaw that only the maker can see makes it a personalized item which you can tell is handmade. OK, there was more than one in this. I remember two and hopefully the lady who receives this in Sweden won't mind and will like it anyway. BTW, the swap wasn't really clear that it was an international swap or I wouldn't have done it. I don't like doing those. Can't send anything beyond what's required because postage is so expensive. But this one is done and it was nice to finish up the doily.

Now back to the other two projects sitting around. I will finish the washcloth today, I hope. As as soon as I am done I am casting on another one just like it. I forgot how much I like the pattern.

Until next time... remember that crocheters hook you in while knitters will slip one and pass you over if you aren't careful!