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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Washcloths - Again

I will try to post pictures before the week is out. My mother asked me to make some washcloths for her to give away to a charity thing (or auction or something similar) being done by her local Grange of which she is a member. She had offered to pay me but since I love doing them, I told her no and that we'd figure something else out.

I dug in my patterns and found a pamplet with all round patterns. I had made a couple of them a very long time ago but thought why not try again. Crochet works up so much faster! So I made 5 between Thursday night and Saturday afternoon. Two of them I liked so much I kept myself to put in my swap/gifting stash. The 3 I sent her were the same bright variegated yarn. Anyway, I didn't take pictures of one of them because, quite frankly, it turned out smaller than I wanted and I wasn't all that fond of it. I have another one started but I put that aside to work on finishing up the second of the three scarves for Susan's granddaughters. When I finish this one I absolutely MUST start Susan's birthday present before I start the other scarf. If I just keep at it I know the scarf will just finish. It shouldn't take more than 2 days altogether but I just haven't felt like working on it. But I am forcing myself.

I told my mom in a note that if she wanted to trade me for the washcloths, she could buy me 2 balls of cotton at her local Wal-Mart in the lilac/white variegated that I love. I can't get it online or at Joann's or at my Wal-Mart (they used to carry it but stopped) but when I was there last month they still had it at her store. I told her to keep it until I visit in October and then I will have to take less with me. And if they don't have that color to buy me something else she thinks I'd like. I sent her the remnants of the yarn I had with the label so she would know exactly what color I meant. Remember, Mom doesn't do any crafting so she's clueless when it comes to yarn.

I will try to remember to post the pictures. Promise. Back to work on the scarf. And I really would like to finish the capelet for me and the experimental hat. But, as I said, I haven't felt like working on anything even though I have... what is it now?... 5 projects that need to be done before the middle of next month!


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