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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yes, I am crafting. My friend Vicky shared a pattern with me that I am dying to start. I went out and bought 3 colors of yarn to make 3 of them (if my fortitude lasts!) but I am forcing myself to NOT start one. Why? Because I am on row 3 of the last 7 (plus 3 of edging to do afterwards) of my own shawl to match my mother's. I want it done before I go so I can take it with me.

I am at a point in working on the shawl now that I typically reach with large projects. This is why I stopped working on large projects. I get close to the end, know it's near, and I just get so tired of working on it I want to put it away and stop. But I am determined NOT to do this with my shawl.

A motivating factor to finish the shawl besides the fact I want to take it with me is that I want to take the new project to work on while I'm flying. I am taking the color I picked out for my mom, will work on it while I'm there but don't know if I'll finish it or not. If I do, that would be great. If not, I won't tell her it's for her and when it's done I'll just ship it and surprise her.

Kinda like me showing up for Mother's Day.

Still trying to work out how we're going to manage me showing up at the door but we'll figure it out. This will be a good Mother's Day for both of us. Only thing missing is Ally.

So once I finish the shawl I will start one of these little shoulder throws/capelets that are also crochet. Vicky brought hers in to show me and it is very cute. I need to re-write the pattern before I start because it's in English stitch terminology where TR (treble for me) really mean DC (double crochet) for American crochet. Rather than get confused I am going to re-write it in American terminology. It's a very cute and easy pattern. Can't wait. Guess that means I better get working on my crochet today! And yes, I will post a picture of my shawl when I'm done. I am using sport weight in a beautiful light pink for mine which, surprisingly, is a bit softer than the yarn I used for mom's.

Off to yard sale before I settle in with a bad movie and the shawl. :)