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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another Dishcloth

I made myself 3 of these. The colors match my kitchen perfectly. See... finally took time to make something for me. BTW, this crochet pattern is so simple I can whip up one of these in a couple of hours while watching tv. After making a few I decided to alter the edging and make it more even and prettier. I love the result!

A Few Dishcloths

OK here are a few of the dishcloths I have been making lately. Unless otherwise noted, these were made for swaps at swap-bot.

I will post pictures of a couple others later. BTW the triangle blue single in the top picture is NOT the same as the one in the picture with the two (and don't you just love that cute little almost round one?!? Gotta find the pattern so I can do that one again!). The top one is actually 27 rows instead of 21 which the pattern called for. Yet another alteration. The one with the almost round is done exactly according to pattern. And while I like it, I really love the bigger one with the slightly altered edging. I made the bigger one for Kelly who has been a giant help in a work related matter. Her kitchen is blue. :)